Investing cannot be taught it can only be learnt through experience.One needs proper direction and guidance to traverse on this path. It is more of an art than a science. Unlike science there are no simple predefined formulas or laws which can fully define the act of investing. Investing is a multidisciplinary field which has borrowed parts from other sciences like economics, sociology, psychology etc. This has given it more of a common sense approach. Every investor can be unique in his approach. We cannot say one single approach is the right one – there are lot of ways to skin the cat – find out which is right for you. For that one needs to check the innate abilities and back it with experiences to frame their investment philosophy.

Our goal is not to simplify the act of investing but just to show how complex it is.We think those who try to simplify investing do their audience a great disservice. There is no surefire recipe for investment success. There are no simple step-by-step instructions, valuation formulas, mathematical constants which can fully define the act of investing. You cannot depend on the single variable. Moreover, rather than numbers your own emotions can get in the way of sound investing. Creating wealth from equity is not purely a number game but more of a mind game. One needs to spend considerable time and energy to understand numerical and psychological perspective of the equity market. Our honest attempt is to reduce it to a certain level by guiding you through the disciplined approach. We would like to share our successes and failures which will help you to avoid pitfalls.

“The big money is not in buying and selling but in waiting”

Understanding Market Psychology

  1. Investing & speculation.
  2. How to think about stock market?
  3. What is value investing all about?
  4. How to create value mindset?
  5. Losers game psychology
  6. Risk vs reward
  7. Price & value
  8. Role of skill & luck
  9. Rational decision making


  1. Introduction to different valuation techniques
  2. Understanding balance sheet, profit and loss & cash-flow statement
  3. Interconnection between three financial statements
  4. Key ratios and its implications
  5. Important concepts like buyback, split, bonus etc & its effect
  6. Process of screening the stocks
  7. How to analyze industry
  8. Cases of previous stock recommendations & others
  9. How to read annual reports
  10. How to screen the stock according to predefined criteria
  11. How to construct a portfolio
  12. Macro-economic ratios to look for
  13. Checklists for stocks
One day (8hrs) workshop
Price Rs. 5,000/-

Through our share market class in pune, we want to serve passionate learners who want to perceive value-investing journey by themselves. Our motive is to help people differentiate between good businesses and bad businesses and to develop a rational mindset required for creating wealth in the stock market.

Our share market class in pune is designed in such a way that even amateurs can understand the stock market.

This share market class in pune is as helpful to advanced learners as to beginners. We have tried our best to cover all important concepts required for filtering good stock ideas. All advance concepts including ratios all explained in a simplistic manner.

Investing cannot be taught it can only be learnt through experience. In this share market class in pune, we will show you the way, you need to traverse the path. We will guide you further in your journey.

A-Z notes of each and every concept taught in the share market class will be provided. This will help you to revise & recollect the concepts after the course.

Every month we will have follow up sessions after the share market class in pune. We will try to solve any doubts you had in analytical part.

The fees for this share market class in pune is Rs. 5000/-

Our share market class in pune will be conducted on last Sunday of every month.

Nitin Shevale
Wipro, Pune

Since I am the beginner, it was good for me to study and understand what to look into the company fundamentally.

Yogesh Tamkhade
Businessman, Pune

Stock picking has become easy after this course. Highly recommended to all those who are looking for a course on Value Investing.

Niraj Balkawde
Businessman, Pune

It was a great experience attending the workshop. This workshop is more of a practical than a theory. This helped me to apply the things learnt in those two days. I would strongly recommend this workshop to those who are keen to practice Value investing.

Arvind Thombre
MCGM, Mumbai

After the workshop I came to understand Investing is more of an art than a science. The workshop is well structured guiding you through the step by step process to investing. Moreover, it covers both the behavioral and the financial aspects.

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