Wealth master is designed for investors who believes in

  • Equities as the best asset class for creating huge wealth in long-term and not a source of income in short-term.
  • Shares are not Lottery Ticket, but an ownership in a business.
  • Big money is not in buying and selling, but is in waiting i.e. Buy Right and Sit Tight.
  • It is better to remain with few long-term choices rather than shifting from one speculation to another always chasing the hot stock in the market.
  • The most important thing is to protect our capital. It doesn’t matter if we don’t make money in short term but try to avoid Losses as stock market is a LOOSERS GAME.
  • Short-term notional losses are part and parcel of stock market. Should only invest if one can withstand, 20-30% paper losses in short-term.
  • Investment opportunities are not found every day. Wait for the pitch in our sweet spot and then swing hard with everything we have got.
  • Best in class products/services of the company
  • Promising Promoters
  • Ahead of Competitors
  • Financially Sound
  • Great capital allocation
  • Good Cash Flow
  • 3-5X return potential in next 3-5 years
  • Above all priced way below its worth
  • Four lists – Stocks to Buy, Average, Hold & Exit.
  • Not more than 10-15 stock in buying list, at any point of time.
  • Ideal allocation for each script.
  • Holding period 2+ years.
  • Stocks will be recommended as and when we find them at proper valuations.
  • Email updates, SMS alerts & alert section after login.
  • Access to stock query section.
  • Research reports.
  • Focused on investing & sizing up position in the same stock ideas as it gets better.
  • Desired allocation for this service 70% of the portfolio.
1 Year
Price Rs. 15,000/-
Till December 2020
Price Rs. 30,000/-
  1. Sign up on the website
  2. Go to the “SERVICES” page
  3. Choose the service – Wealth master
  4. Click on “READ MORE” button on the service
  5. Go to fees section
  6. Click on “PAY NOW”
  7. Fill in the details & click the “Next” button
  8. You will see “CLICK TO PAY” Button. Just click on it and pay.
  9. After payment - click on your name which appears on the right top of the website & click on “my account tab”
  10. You will be directed inside the website.
  11. You will see “Wealth master”
  12. As you have paid for “Wealth master” only wealth master stocks will be visible.
  13. Click on Wealth master and you can see “stock to buy” “Stock to average” “stock to hold” & “stock to exit list”. Buy the stocks in stock to buy list in your D-mat account.

The subscribers who have bought stock in stock to buy list can average it at both higher and lower level. This list is only for those people who have already taken position in that stock when it was in “stock to buy” list and the same stock has been moved to “stock to average list”.

You can expect 10-15 stock recommendations in a year. But the frequency of the stock recommendations will depend upon the frequency of finding the undervalued script. Some times we might not be able to provide 10-15 scripts amid over valuation in the market. We advise clients to stay invested in whatever number of scripts which are in the buying list. clients are also expected to stay in cash if their is nothing in buying range.

The holding period for stock might range from 2-3 years. The holding period is uncertain for the Value Investors. It might happen that stock performs in 6 months or 1 year or stock remains at the same level for 1-2 years. We will exit at the target price irrespective of the tenure.

We depend 100% on fundamental analysis for all our stock recommendations.

We target the returns of 20-30% CAGR from the overall portfolio.

Yes the research report of every stock recommendation will be sent to you on your email-id. Also the link to download is given after you login.

Updates will be sent to you through SMS, Email alerts & through alert section after login. You will receive each and every update regarding new stock added, stock is moved from buy to hold or exit list, news regarding particular stock etc

One year subscription (Rs.) – 15000/-

2020 subscription (Rs.) - 30000/-

A fee once paid is not refundable in any circumstances.

You can pay through net banking, debit card, credit card, manually. The payment link is given above.

You can get your portfolio doctored through our free portfolio check up service.

We feel sorry for operating in untrustworthy market. To develop the trust factor we would advise to read the research report of the previous stock recommendations and the testimonials.

Desired allocation is given in front of every stock. You can allocate accordingly or you can allocate as per your own discretion.

Ganesh Iyer
Chef, Sydney Australia

Thanks for your well researched stock recommendations. I was able to outperform the market.

Saket Jain
Owner Kanak Crushers

Unlike other advisory services which offer incessant stock ideas, Hedgehog helped me to construct a concentrated portfolio & fetch better returns on my investment.

Mrugesh Madlani
CA, Ahmedabad

Follow up actions & updates given periodically helped me stay focused on limited stocks. Many a time stock underperformed in short-term but targets were achieved in long-term.

Satyam Kankariya
Kankariya Auto

Observing the stocks recommended by this team for the past 3 years. Not only results are amazing but the research quality is exceptionally outstanding.

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